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          Night Moves- Creedence

                   Classic Revival

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Artist Bio

NIGHT MOVES - CREEDENCE CLASSIC REVIVAL - This 6-piece band gives a high-energy live performance of two amazing tribute bands in one.  We take audiences on a ride through the rock and roll classics of Seger and CCR that drives crowds of all ages to the dance floor.


There is a signature richness and power to the music that Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band have been making for over four decades.  The Seger signature sound represents the honest and best of what rock and roll can be.  One of Michigan’s finest, Seger soaked up the muscular rock and roll and seductive soul for which Detroit remains famous and defines a musical voice for the American heartland.  NIGHT MOVES brings it all to the stage in an explosive live show that reminds us that rock-n-roll never forgets.


There isn’t any music more classic or Americana than that of San Francisco’s own Creedence Clearwater Revival.   Cranking out hit after hit, their southern rock style sensibility made them possibly the most popular band in America with chart topping success and CCR’s music is still a staple of US radio today.  CREEDENCE CLASSIC REVIVAL captures the sound and recreates what the music was all about leaving you dancing and singing along to every song.



“Night Moves and the Creedence Classic Revival entertained and got our crowd up and dancing to all their songs from Bob Seger and CCR.  They have great energy and know how to entertain the audience.  We highly recommend them!” – Jeff Kiser, Mosquito Serenade, City of Anderson


“Tribute bands are everywhere these days, it’s rare that you find a good one and even rarer to find two truly great tribute bands in one!  But that’s what you get with the Night Moves/Creedence Classic Revival combo.  Featuring top notch musicians and two world class singers, your ears are in for a treat!” – Doug Thomas, 96.9 The Eagle KSEG-FM Sacramento, CA


“These guys bring sonic authenticity and great energy.  Our patrons always have a great time with this show” – Dwayne Stearns, Front of House and Talent Buyer, Black Oak Casino Resort


“We hire tribute bands for an annual event, Night Moves and Creedence Classic Revival are my favorites!  I love that they can play a whole new show with just one band.  Close your eyes and you’re right there with Bob Seger and CCR!” – Suzanne Schell, Event Director, Laguna Del Sol Private Event

"If you haven't seen these guys YOU ARE MISSING OUT"! - Fan, Tom Heiser

"We really enoyed your show - we will be back"! - Fan, Carrie Raymond

"You guys were so much fun, great show"! - Fan, Robin Hudson


40 timeless classics

2 Great tributes

1 amazing band

It all adds up to a performance you won’t want to miss!



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